The Roborock S5 Max is engineered for seamless automated mopping. It has a super-sized water tank, precision water control, virtual no-mop zones, and more. Combined with precision laser mapping, advanced navigation, and intense vacuum suction, it makes spotless floors easier than ever.

The S5 Max’s laser rangefinder spins at 300rpm, sending 360-degree area scans through a custom algorithm in real-time. Using that data, it creates an accurate floorplan map, and it knows where rooms are. A powerful 32-bit quad-core processor makes the S5 Max capable of an extraordinary level of intelligence. It understands the room’s shape and learns where obstacles are. It uses that knowledge to transform how it navigates, calculating the most efficient route for each room.

An array of sensors including an accelerometer, odometer, infrared, compass, and bumper make a hyper-accurate map of your room so the S5 Max cleans efficiently on its own. Inside the S5 Max is a specialized fan spinning at 1500rpm, channeling its airflow through carefully designed pathways. The suction it creates is strong enough to lift even AA batteries.

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