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Pet Supplies

Your pet is like a member of your family. Make sure they’re taken care of by stocking up on pet supplies. Whether you have a dog, cat or another small animal, Sam’s Club® has what you need to keep them fed, groomed and happy.

What Kinds of Pet Supplies Do Dogs Need?

Dogs come in all shapes, sizes and breeds, and different kinds of dogs demand different shelters, health care, accessories and other supplies. Keep your dog sheltered in a dog house or bed. Dogs are den creatures, who also tend to be territorial. For outside dogs, it’s important that they have a covered area to spend time in that they can claim as their own. Sam’s Club has a wide range of dog houses, from small to large, simple to ornate. Choose an adorable wooden “log cabin” style dog house, or opt for a simpler plastic structure, which is available in various shapes, sizes and colors. Pamper your pet in the hot or cold weather months with an insulated and fanned dog house. Indoor dogs need their own space as well, which is why Sam’s Club offers plenty of dog beds. Choose a simple plush mat or select a more decorative dog bed that resembles a sofa, so it can look great in any room of the house.

When it comes to your dog’s health care, its teeth, fur and joint care are integral to its happiness and health. Keep your dog’s teeth shiny, strong and plaque-free with dental chewing sticks, which are also available in minty fresh flavors to combat your dog’s less-than-pleasant breath. Sam’s Club also offers supplements to help support strong joints and hips, which can be especially important for specific dog breeds that are prone to joint pains. Keep your dog flea- and tick-free with the wide range of pest prevention available.

A bored dog is a destructive dog. Prevent chewing on furniture, shoes and other possessions by providing your dog with plenty of dog toys. Plush toys are easy to throw and fetch and are ideal to combat a dog’s desire to chew. There are also throwing and chewing toys that provide a bit more challenge, which is great for larger dogs who tend to be more destructive with their chewing. Sam’s Club also has plenty of options for dog toys that challenge their mind and thinking skills

What Kinds of Pet Supplies Do Cats Need?

Cats, like dogs, have several unique needs. Indoor cats require litter boxes, a bed, feeding and entertainment. Ensure that your cat has a place to rest with a comfortable cat bed. Choose a small, plush bed that can easily sit in the corner of your room or at the foot of the bed. Or you can select a more ornate structure with climbing ramps, passageways and holes for your cat to crawl through. Larger bed structures are ideal for homes with multiple cats, and some of these structures can also be used outdoors to provide outside cats a place to rest.

Indoor cats require a place to relieve themselves, and Sam’s Club has plenty of options for litter boxes, as well as the litter with which you fill them. Choose from popular cat litter brands that are effective at keeping the waste left by your furry friend. You’ll also find a variety of cat litter boxes, from the simple to the more decorative. Just because it’s a litter box, doesn’t mean it needs to be an eyesore in your home. There are even a few options that can double as furniture pieces, like benches and nightstands.

What Other Small Animal Pet Supplies Does Sam’s Club Offer?

Sam’s Club has a range of supplies for chickens, rabbits and other small creatures. Chicken supplies include coops, some of which are decorative and look great in any backyard. Rabbit houses come in many shapes and sizes as well. You’ll also find bird supplies, including bird seed for various types of birds, as well as birdhouses that are spacious yet keep them confined for their safety.