More Categories in Pantry

Canned & Packaged Foods

Keeping shelf-stable foods on hand is how we maximize our pantries and ensure we always have something tasty when mealtimes roll around. They can also serve as emergency foods when tough times strike. At Sam’s Club®, we strive to bring our guests the best selection of canned and packaged foods to suit every taste and budget.

What are Some Healthy Cereal Brands?

Keeping a large selection of cereals for our guests to peruse is what it’s all about at Sam’s Club! We also want to help make it easier for you to find the healthiest cereals for your family that don’t cost a fortune and are still delicious. Our selection of healthy cereals includes tasty options by Special K®, a cereal high in fiber and protein, Nature Valley®, which makes hearty and crunchy granola and Umpqua™, a favorite for fruit-laced oatmeal cups that are ready in just minutes. Complete your breakfast with our tempting selection of the best coffee, teas and cocoa.

What are Essential Herbs and Spices for My Kitchen?

To make proper meals at home or in your commercial kitchen, you need to ensure you have access to an array of herbs and spices. Some of our best-sellers include seasoning mixes by Tone’s® and organic spices by Member’s Mark™. Here you’ll also find spicy seasonings, bouillon, dressing mixes, broths and stocks, gravy mixes and more that will become the backbone to many delicious future meals.

Which Healthy Condiments Should I Keep Stocked?

Food Condiments are a staple in cabinets and fridges everywhere. They’re intended to add a bit of zip to a meal and help pull different ingredients together harmoniously. But they’re not always healthy. When looking for healthy condiments, keep ingredients in mind. Ketchup may be made mostly of healthy tomatoes, but many contain lots of sugar that make it completely unhealthy. Extra virgin olive oil is heart-healthy but ensure you don’t use to much when cooking as that will negate its healthy properties. Instead of indulgent mayo, opt instead for wholesome hummus as a way to add creaminess to sandwiches.

Should I Keep Packaged Side Dishes on Hand to Serve Alongside Dinner?

Yes! Our range of side dishes includes pantry essential like pasta, soups, rice and other grains. Many are designed to be ready in minutes and taste absolutely yummy alongside your main entrée. Creamy mac and cheese is a wonderful, family-friendly pasta side dish for chicken. When sautéing vegetables in the skillet, serve them atop rice or quinoa for a quick and satisfying meal. And when low on time, heating up some instant ramen noodles can be a meal unto itself and is easy to dress up by adding meats, cheese and vegetables as desired.

Can I Make Gourmet Desserts at Home?

Yes! With our selection of easy and delicious baking needs, you can easily whip up some gourmet brownies, cookies, cakes and more. We have the best baking mixes, sugars and sugar substitutes, nuts and dried fruits to make desserts that will blow minds.