Access to a doctor anytime, anywhere

Just a moment

Get text-based diagnosis and treatment 24/7 from board-certified doctors and other healthcare providers through the 98point6® app, with unlimited access for $1 per visit.

How virtual primary care supports your health

Connect with a doctor 24/7

Get diagnosis and treatment whenever you have a health concern—no appointments, no travel

Add up to four people

Get care for your family through subscription access to the 98point6 app

Easy to access

Wherever you are, the 98point6 app makes it simple to message a doctor, so you can get started in minutes

Prescriptions and more

All participants are responsible for any costs out of the app

Quality care you can trust

Board-certified doctors and other healthcare providers who give you high quality, personalized diagnosis and treatment

No insurance and appointments needed

Your subscription includes unlimited access for $1 per visit. For treatment involving prescriptions, referrals or labs, if you have insurance you can use it to pay for those expenses

*Subscription for access to the 98point6® mobile app platform. Individual quarterly subscription for an introductory rate of $20 for the first 3 months that will renew at $33.50 every 3 months thereafter. Limit of one introductory subscription purchase per member. Individual annual subscription renews at $120 per year. Each visit is $1. The 98point6® mobile app facilitates access to text based virtual primary care rendered by licensed physicians and other licensed medical providers affiliated with or contracted by 98point6®. Program is not health insurance or a substitute for health insurance and cannot be used in conjunction with any health insurance program, including Medicare or Medicaid. All patients are responsible for any outside-of-app costs, including prescriptions, labs and visits to an in-person physician if referred. If you are under 18 years of age or the legal age of majority where you live, you may only use the mobile app under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian. 98point6® is not for emergencies. This service does not address life-threatening conditions. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 9-1-1. For Vermont residents, annual subscriptions are not available for automatic renewal. Other terms and conditions apply. Visit 98point6 for more information.

Limit of one subscription purchase per member.

Upon check out, you direct Sam’s Club to disclose member information to 98point6 to enable service subscription activation. Use of your personal information will be subject to 98point6‘s Privacy Policy.