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This year, make your life easier by starting your back-to-school prep early. Whether they’re in public school, private school, Sam’s Club, has everything they need. Use Sam’s Club as your one-stop back-to-class stop. Get outfitted with all the essentials, including electronics, clothing, school supplies, back-to-school snacks, vitamins and so much more. If you're a teacher, come to Sam's Club for all your classroom supplies, from furniture to crafting materials.

Electronics might be on top of the list, and Sam’s Club has them. Kids need portable solutions, so you may consider an iPad or other tablet. They are compact, easy to carry in a backpack, and they’re powerful enough to do a lot of the heavy lifting. Your kids can do research, save documents, send e-mail and check their online sports schedules. Add an external keyboard and they can even use the tablet to write papers. Be sure to include accessories like a case to keep it protected.

Make sure the kids have a quiet, comfortable place to study. Set them up with a new desk, light, or comfortable reading chair. With the right setup, they'll be in study mode in no time.

Next up: snacks! Stock up on groceries for after-school snacks, lunches and easy-to-cook options for busy school days. From bread and lunch meat to juice boxes and individual bags of grab-and-go snacks, they’ll be all set up.

Grab your list of school supplies and come shop the back-to-school selection at Sam’s Club. Your kids probably need an array of school supplies, including backpacks, books, water bottles, lunch bags, pens, pencils, notebooks, glue and scissors.

And don’t forget about clothes. Kids are always growing out of their school clothes, but don’t worry, you’ll have them looking sharp on their first day with shirts, tops, jackets and shoes from Sam’s Club. Pick them all up at members-only prices.