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Luggage Buying Info

Luggage can be used for many purposes. Generally, people think of luggage in association with going on a trip, but you can use luggage for camping trips, going to the gym, or a day excursion. The main issue is finding luggage sets, duffel bags, carry-on bags, etc. that are going to meet your needs.

Duffel bags are convenient and can be easily transported from place to place. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are optimal for light traveling; extensive traveling would warrant large luggage bags or a luggage set. Furthermore, some duffel bags have wheels so it is easier to transport them through airports.

Carry-on bags are similar to duffel bags, but better resemble traditional luggage bags. They may have a lined internal structure so clothes remain folded and intact through travel. Handles are usually reinforced and comfortable to grab. Depending on the model, a carry-on may also have wheels to make transporting easier for the traveler. The size of a carry-on bag can vary; some may be sold individually or some may come as part of a larger luggage set.

It may be wise to purchase a luggage set because you can then own several pieces of luggage that you can use all at once or in pieces depending on the longevity of a trip. A duffel bag or a smaller carry-on would be good for a weekend trip. A larger carry-on bag may be optimal for a one to two-week trip. Any longer than two-weeks would warrant a luggage set to ensure you bring enough items and can carry them with ease.

Luggage is a traveling necessity. Whether you’re flying, riding, or sailing, you will need durable luggage. Sam’s Club offers a variety of luggage bags, luggage sets, duffel bags, luggage carts, and more from leading manufacturers. Get the gear for your next great adventure at low Sam’s Club prices.

Things to consider when purchasing Luggage

  • Think about the number of storage compartments and pockets the luggage item has. The extra pockets may come in handy.
  • Look for compression straps. These straps squeeze a bulky bag down to a smaller size, making closing or carrying easier.
  • Look for a luggage item or luggage set that has a detachable ‘day bag’. The day bag can come in handy to use throughout the day or to use as a carry-on bag for a long flight to hold entertainment items.
  • Look for luggage sets that have a separate toiletry kit to hold your makeup, shaving items, etc.
  • Folders keep clothing organized and free of wrinkles, making it possible to bring multiple dress shirts, dresses, etc.
  • Consider the material construction. Would you prefer a hardside luggage piece, or would a fabric covering suffice?