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Game Day Central at Sam's Club

Football fans, it’s almost here. It’s the big game. It’s the biggest game. Game Day 2024! It’s happening on Sunday, February 11 and Sam’s Club is your Game Day headquarters. Whether you're getting ready to watch with friends and family in your living room, or you're heading out to a sports bar to root for your team with other football fans, you’re in the right place.

If you're hosting the game for friends and family, think about your home theater setup. Make sure it’s top-notch and that you’ll be able to experience all the sights and sounds as if you were there in the stands. Check out the selection of TVs, home theater equipment and entertainment centers at Sam’s Club.

Food and football are a natural combo. Plus, everyone will be hungry as they cheer on their favorite players. Make it easy on yourself and order a few party trays piled high with sandwich fixings. Or, maybe you want to make a spread of appetizers and fire up the grill. Either way, you can also pick up all the groceries you’ll need to host your Big Game gathering. Don’t forget the beverages. Start with beer, soft drinks and sparkling water.

And don’t forget to keep plenty of paper goods like paper plates and other disposable tableware on hand. Need to make space for everyone? Check out the selection of foldable tables and chairs at Sam’s Club. You’ll find everything you need to make your gathering one for the record books.