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Men and Women’s Fragrances

It is often said that the most evocative sense that human beings have is the sense of smell. A certain fragrance can evoke the most potent of memories, even those once thought forgotten. The right aroma can arouse one’s passions, make one acutely aware of another’s presence, and set a mood. When you feel strongly about someone, and you want someone to feel strongly about you, the perfect fragrance is often the right path.

This is why Sam’s Club has made available some delightful, distinctive fragrances for both men and women, including Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Lovely,” a unique and distinctive blend of scents including bergamot, lavender and sultry woods, and Calvin Klein’s “Eternity for Men,” with of crisp jasmine, basil, rosewood and other related scents.

You may want to try a number of the fragrances Sam’s Club has available, or you may already know what’s right for you or your loved one. Either way, at Sam’s Club prices, you can get what you want right now, and you and your loved one can enjoy all of the wonderful, passionate feelings that a great fragrance evokes.