ways to makeflowers last

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Pick your petals.

Choose flowers that take longer to wilt, like Hydrangeas, Orchids and Lilies.

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Order two days ahead.

Schedule your delivery to get your flowers about 48 hours
before your event.

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Cut at 45°.

Trim your stems with floral shears and recut every two days.

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Nourish to flourish.

Sprinkle food in water before placing your flowers. Add more every two days, with fresh water.

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Store in buckets.

Keep stems in filtered, lukewarm water until ready to arrange.
Change every two days.

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Keep Cool(ish).

Once in your vase of choice, keep
your flowers out of direct sunlight and away from vents.

Flower Arranging Tips & Ideas

Take your perfectly preserved petals and
turn them into dazzling DIY displays.

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