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Wedding Flowers

Are you in charge of getting flowers for a wedding? If so, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve discovered what so many wedding planners and event planners already know: Sam’s Club® can serve as your wedding florist, as well as a place to get so many other supplies for the big day, including table settings, decorations and more.

Real Flowers for Weddings

You may already know what types of flowers you’re looking for. Most likely, you’ll want a variety of flowers in specific colors. Think about the different applications for the flowers. Would you like ready-made centerpieces for the tables? For round tables, you can select one centerpiece for the middle of the table. For long, rectangle tables, you’ll want several centerpieces along the table for everyone to enjoy. In addition to centerpieces, you’ll want flowers for the bride and for the wedding party. Traditionally, the bride will carry a bouquet down the aisle. Some brides choose to use the original bouquet for the “bouquet toss,” while others choose to use a separate bouquet so they can save and preserve their original bouquet. When you shop our Wedding Collections, you’ll typically get a special bouquet for the bouquet toss, so you can decide which option you prefer. Plus, you'll find an excellent selection of colors, styles and arrangements. If there will be a flower girl at the wedding, you’ll want flowers for her to wear as well as flower petals for her to sprinkle along the aisle. Sam’s Club also has you covered if you need floral supplies for your event—from baskets and vases to ribbons and stem cutters.

Discount Wedding Flowers

One of the many benefits of buying bulk flowers for your wedding at Sam’s Club is the price. You’ll get exclusive members-only pricing, and the savings is significant when you compare the price against buying from your local florist. There are excellent prices on all of the flowers at Sam’s Club, plus you’ll love the time-savings of having the flowers delivered directly to you. Wedding collections typically include a variety of flowers for the bridal party, including a bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and flower petals. It’s a great, easy way to order all your flowers at once. And, if you need additional matching bridesmaid bouquets  or boutonnieres and corsages, Sam’s Club makes them easy to order.

Choosing Flowers

Here are a few questions to consider before you choose wedding flowers:

  • What are the colors for the wedding? Would you like one color for the flowers or do you prefer multiple colors?
  • What season will the wedding take place? Consider matching the flowers to the season. For example, sunflowers are lovely in the fall, while peonies and hydrangea are ideal in the summer.
  • How many people are in the wedding party?
  • How many tables will there be? Don’t forget to include tables for the guest book, gift tables and food tables
  • How formal is the wedding? You can find both casual and formal floral arrangements, depending on the event.
  • Are there multiple events? For exmaple, you might need flowers for the rehearsal dinner or for an after-wedding brunch event.