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Keep your organized, comfortable and appealing. Put the finishing touches to your workplace with office decor items from Sam’s Club®.


Office lamps come in a variety of styles and finishes. At Sam’s Club, you’ll find lamps designed to stand on the floor as well as desk lamps. LED lamps are a popular choice for modern offices, while halogen or incandescent lamps fit in better in a classic-styled space. If you need a lamp for task lighting, you may want to choose a lamp with a controlled beam, so you can direct the light exactly where you need it.

Frames and Awards

Frames and awards are a great way of adding some life to blank walls. They fit in well with most office decor. Sam’s Club offers a variety of supplies that can help you build the ideal honor wall. You’ll find plaques or frames in a variety of sizes for your certificates and diplomas. Frames are also a good way of displaying some of your favorite pictures—adding a personal touch to your workspace.

Clocks and Water Dispensers

A communal water dispenser is essential. And wall clocks are also a practical way of adding some personality to your walls. You'll find a wide selection of choices, ranging from digital clocks to analog wall clocks.

Desk Accessories

Your desk doesn’t have to be buried under a mountain of paperwork. Sam’s Club provides a variety of desk accessories that you can use to improve the organization of your space. You’ll find handy desk trays and sorters as well as desk organizers. You’ll also find mouse pads, foot rests and wrist pads, which can help improve the comfort of your workstation. Get everything you need for the office all in one place at Sam's Club.