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The Best Gift Basket Buying Guide

A gift basket is a perfect way to show appreciation for someone in your life, whether that's your dad, your boss, or your best friend. No matter the occasion, you can assemble your own gift basket, or buy one pre-packaged, to say, "thinking of you."

Gift baskets aren't always "baskets." A gift basket can come in a box, a tray, a bucket, or any other container. Often, the container for the gift will tie into the theme of the gifts contained within it, opening the door for an endless array of customizable options. Typically, these types of gifts contain snacks, chocolates, bath and skincare items, small specialized items or toys, and/or flowers.

It's all about who you're buying the gift for, and for what special occasion. Maybe a cheese gift basket or deluxe fruit gift basket is what you're looking for, or maybe a cookie gift is perfect for that person in your life with a sweet tooth.

What Different Types of Gift Baskets Are There?

Gift baskets can contain gifts and treats for every occasion and holiday imaginable. These are some of the most popular types of gift baskets:

  • Chocolate gift baskets: These are gift baskets that include different types of chocolates. They may include chocolate all from one place or region, like Mexico, or they may be a variety of different products from a single chocolate company. They can include truffles, solid chocolate bars, hot cocoa, and sprinkles.
  • Savory and sweet gift baskets: A savory and sweet gift basket is one that includes snacks and offerings that are both sweet and savory. This may mean cheese, salami, olive oil, and dark chocolate all in the same package. You could also buy a sweet gift basket or a savory gift basket if you know your loved one has a preference. A sweet gift basket, for example, may contain caramels, dried fruit, and a dessert wine.
  • Birthday gift baskets: Birthday gift baskets usually have everything you need to celebrate your special day. They can include wine or small bottles of alcohol, gourmet chocolate, birthday candles, streamers, and party hats.
  • Holiday gift baskets: A gift basket for the holiday season often contains snacks and beverages on a theme. This may include mugs and hot cocoa or peppermint bark in a reindeer package.
  • Father's or Mother's Day gift baskets: Baskets for your parents on their special day can include themed gifts that follow the holiday. For example, Mother's Day gift baskets may have flowers and stationery, while a Father's Day gift basket may have a silly coffee mug and a shaving razor.
  • Spa baskets: These generally contain items for health and beauty, such as lotions, shower items, body wash, and specialty scrubs or fragrances.

What to Consider When Buying a Gift Basket

When buying a gift basket, think about who the purchase is for, what you're celebrating, and when the celebration is. Timing and content are key in picking the perfect gift basket for your loved one. When choosing your gift basket, ask yourself a few key questions:

When do I buy a gift basket?

Since most gift baskets contain perishable items, you'll want to make sure you purchase them within a window that allows everything to stay fresh and enjoyable. If you're having a custom gift basket assembled, then you should also plan to allow for extra time for the special order. However, if you're buying a pre-packaged gift basket, just plan to have it ready a few days in advance of presenting it to the person.

How much food is in a gift basket?

The amount of food in a basket will vary depending on the package and how many people it is intended for. If you are purchasing a gift basket for one person, then perhaps you're putting a few treats in a specialized coffee mug or flower vase for just them. If you're buying a corporate gift basket for your entire office, the amount of food included will be considerably more.

What food comes in the gift basket?

When considering a food gift basket, whether it's fresh fruit or gourmet food offerings, you should think of what the intended recipient may or may not be able to eat. You should also consider the arrival time of the gift basket. You don't want a basket of fresh fruit to sit on a front porch in the hot sun for four hours while the person comes home from work. You should also consider the intent of the gift -- for example, a sympathy gift requires a degree of sensitivity that a Christmas gift basket likely does not.

Should I buy flowers or a gift basket?

Flowers can be a lovely and thoughtful alternative to a gift basket. In some cases, someone may have food allergies that prevent them from enjoying many of the items traditionally contained in a gift basket. In this case, it may be more appropriate to buy a flower arrangement as a gift.

What Types of Gift Baskets Does Sam's Club Sell?

Sam's Club is thrilled to offer a variety of high-quality gift baskets, gift towers, and gift crates to our members. You'll be sure to find something for mom, dad, recent high school or college grad, boss, colleague, or new baby in your life.

Some of the gift baskets and gift towers available at Sam's Club:

  • Chocolate gift baskets: This includes our Chocolate Decadence Gift Basket, which includes a sampling of sweets from Almond Roca, Ghirardelli and Godiva. Another popular favorite is our Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Gift Basket, which offers a variety of chocolates from the chocolate company.
  • Gourmet gift baskets: You can treat loved ones and colleagues to a sampler of wine, charcuterie, cheese, and fruits with a basket such as our Generous Gourmet Market Favorites Gift Basket. This basket includes everything you need for a savory, sweet, and decadent gift.
  • Spa day gift baskets: Packages like the Spa Day Getaway Gift Box are a great way for your loved ones to feel pampered and important. It includes aromatic bath products, sweet treats, and terrycloth bath slippers.
  • Baby gift baskets: You can celebrate the arrival of the newest little bundle of joy in your life with a baby gift basket. The Simply Baby Necessities bundles include the must-haves for the early years themed in either blue or pink. The Baby Bath Time Bundle comes in a delightful yellow and makes bath time lots of fun.

Does Sam's Club Sell Flowers?

If you'd rather send flowers to the person you want to appreciate, then Sam's Club offers several ways to do so. You can purchase a floral arrangement to be delivered, ranging from long-stemmed roses for your sweetheart to customized bouquets or centerpieces for every occasion. Should the need arise, you can also purchase flowers in bulk through our floral department.

Some of the bouquets and arrangements available cover every special occasion, whether you want a theme or just want to say you're thinking of someone. Our Moonlight Party Bouquet, for example, comes with sunflowers, holly, and orange roses. The Happy Birthday Bouquet includes lilies, daisies, and carnations.