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Tape & Adhesives

Sam’s Club® has an extensive variety of tape and adhesive for every type of personal and professional use.

Types of Tape and Adhesive

Scotch makes some of the most durable tape that comes in a wide range of styles and uses. From Magic tape that is used in everyday life for paper products, like when wrapping gifts, to heavy-duty shipping tape that helps you safely seal and ship boxes and packages, Scotch tapes are great to have on hand at home and work.

Heavy-duty superglue by brands like Loctite helps bind items with a powerful and permanent adhesion reinforced with rubber. Excellent for fixing items and other common household repairs. Loctite superglue comes in an easy to apply squeeze bottle for precise, mess-free application.

Adhesive sprays are perfect for home DIY projects as well as repairs, as these mess-free sprays adhere cardboard, fabric, paper and other materials quickly, without leaving wrinkles or visible marks.

Contemporary mounting adhesives utilizes a variety of materials and styles so you can easily affix hooks, picture frames and other items on your walls. These mounting devices can be easily removed without damage done to surfaces, so they are not permanent like other types of adhesives.

Choosing Tape and Adhesive

At Sam’s Club, we have many types of tape and adhesive to choose for all sorts of uses.

Scotch tape dispensers are a popular feature on many desktops at every type of business, as they quickly and cleanly dispense a piece of tape at whatever length you need in a single, sturdy device.

Teachers rely on Elmer’s school glue to help kids create a variety of projects in the classroom and are also a great choice for parents to have at home to encourage creativity.