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× Make it a potluck

In today’s economy, potluck parties have become a popular solution for casual entertaining. The secret: create a theme that will tie the menu together and make it easy for your guests to contribute. You provide the basics.

  • Mexican Menu: you make enchiladas or tostadas and your guests can bring their favorite sides. Cap the meal off with vanilla ice cream with Kahlua® and shaved Mexican chocolate.
  • A Festival of Burgers: friends bring their favorite patties, from salmon or lamb to turkey or beef. You provide all of the toppings, great buns, a salad and beverages.
  • Chili Cook-off: invite several friends to bring a small batch of their favorite chili (which could even be a purchased chili they’ve doctored up). You make a batch of your chili and cornbread. Ask someone else to bring dessert or beverages. Set up all of the chilies on a table and let guests do a “blind tasting” and vote for favorites. Kind of like the county fair pie competition, this can be lots of fun!
  • Taco bar: divvy up the preparation of the different main ingredients or toppings. Ask someone to bring Mexican beer or a salad.
Salad smorgasbord

Another idea is to serve a salad buffet for supper. Salads let you stretch the more expensive ingredients in a party menu while delivering fantastic flavors. And salads are just so perfect for summer entertaining: cool, fresh and light.

Winning Salad Combinations:

  • Cooked cous cous with grilled shrimp and grilled peaches with honey vinaigrette
  • Spring green mix with oranges, almonds, and Sam’s Club® Roasted Chicken with poppy seed dressing
  • Italian Cobb with cooked rotelli or orecchiette pasta, diced salami, diced mozzarella, tomatoes, red onion, fresh basil and Italian vinaigrette
  • Warm potato salad with crispy bacon and green onions
  • Sam’s Club Roasted Chicken Salad.

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