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  • Zipfizz healthy energy drink mix transforms your water
  • Packed with electrolytes, vitamin B12 and antioxidants
  • Low carb, zero sugar and gluten-free
  • 24 nutritional ingredients
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Zipfizz® Energy Drink Mix, Orange Cream (20 ct) is all your boring bottle of water needs to become a powerhouse of flavor and a superhero of nutrition. Zipfizz Energy Drink Mix is known the world around for its addictive fizz but also for its role as a well-rounded source of general health and wellness. It's not made in the form of other herbal or nutritional supplements; it's not a big, rough and unwieldy pill or a flavorless brown powder that's drunk in one scowl-inducing gulp. Rather, Zipfizz flavors are equally as enjoyable as they are healthy. Orange cream is like a blast from the past, a relic of soda fountains and red vinyl booths, of checkered floors and jukeboxes. Zipfizz Energy Drink Mix, Orange Cream will immediately transport you to a happy place, and will immediately transform your water into an exciting beverage you can't stop drinking.

Is Zipfizz a Healthy Energy Drink?

Yes, Zipfizz energy drink is considered healthy for its balance of energy, taste and nutritional benefits. It is delicious and sweet but contains zero sugar and zero calories because it is sweetened with a natural plant-based sugar alternative called xylitol. It is also considered healthy for its vitamins and minerals, a fun bonus that isn't typical of other tasty beverages. The energy from Zipfizz comes from healthy, all-natural sources: guarana and green tea leaves.

What's a Fizz Energy Drink?

Zipfizz Energy Drink Mix, Orange Cream is a fizzy drink thanks to its natural effervescence. Drop it in your drink and it dissolves with a sizzle, fizzle and a buzz. Shake it up and it turns it orange. Take a sip and it turns your frown into a smile.

How Many Tubes Should You Use Per Serving?

Each tube is portioned to create the ideal concentration in a 16-ounce water bottle. Using it in less water will make it less concentrated, and using it in more water will make it more diluted. Either way, you may want to bring a few tubes with you because you will have a hard time stopping after just one.

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