Awaken your senses using customized Bath Bombs, Perfumes and Lava Lip Glosses with the YOU*Niverse 3-in-1 Spa Set. Learn the science behind creating beauty favorites as you use simple ingredients to create eye-catching chemical reactions. Personalize your own Bath Bombs with colorful designs, essential oils and fragrances. Once dry, drop Bath Bombs into water and watch them erupt into colorful bubbles, fizz and sweet-smelling scents.

Customized Creative Fun

Learn mixing techniques and add shimmering confetti to your line of unique perfume creations. Experiment with contrasting liquids and colorful particles to make eye-catching Lava Lip Glosses. Get started with ease using the project booklet and learn fun facts with the included bonus poster. Recommended for chic chemists ages 8 and up.

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