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  • Wrigley's Winterfresh Gum has memorable packaging
  • The 10 pack ensures you always have extra winter-fresh gum
  • One of the popular Wrigley's gum flavors
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Wrigley's™ Winterfresh™ Gum (10 pk.) has great packaging, a great flavor, and provides long-lasting freshness. What more could you want from winter-fresh chewing gum? Wrigley's gum flavors are many and there are seemingly too many choices, but you really cannot go wrong with Wrigley's Winterfresh gum just like you can't go wrong with any Wrigley's gum. Winterfresh gum has a peppermint flavor to it rather than spearmint which gives you a fresh, just brushed, tingly feeling in your mouth. The pack of Wrigley's Winterfresh Gum is good to have on hand because it doesn't make sense to not always have extra winter-fresh gum to share with others or give you confidence that you don't have to go anywhere with unfresh breath.

Is Extra Gum Winterfresh the Same as Wrigley's Winterfresh Gum?

No! Wrigley's Winterfresh is very different from Extra Gum Winterfresh. First, its unique packaging has an eye-catching mountain peak surrounded by different shades of blue that is easy to distinguish from other brands with Winterfresh gum. Furthermore, reviewers find Wrigley's gum to have a nice, strong flavor. Finally, this is a go-to gum for many people.

Does Wrigley's Winterfresh Gum Contain Xylitol?

No. The ingredients found in Wrigley's Winterfresh include sugar, gum base, corn syrup and a few other components.

What Color Is Wrigley's Winterfresh Chewing Gum?

The color is an icy blue.

Is Wrigley's Winterfresh Gum Sugar-Free?

No, Wrigley's gum contains 2 grams of sugar in each piece of gum. Although this is a small amount, it is still present.

Is Wrigley's Gum Vegan?

No. Since Wrigley's Winterfresh contains glycerol, it is not technically vegan. Glycerol is a commonly used ingredient in gum that comes from animal fat. For a product to be vegan, it cannot contain any ingredient in any quantity that has been a part of an animal at any point. Vegetarians, however, can enjoy Wrigley's Winterfresh with a clear conscience because the gum is not a product directly from the animal, it does not contain any animal flesh.

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