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WonderTech Voyager W400R and Foresight Headset Drone Bundle (Assorted Colors)

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  • The WonderTech Voyager 2.4 Ghz 6-Axis Liquid-Crystal Gyro Drone will take fun to new heights
  • HD FPV Real Time Live Video Feed Camera – take pictures and videos and easily share with friends
  • Works with GoPro’s Hero® camera + WonderTech Foresight Virtual Reality FPV Headset
  • Experience the HD FPV Real Time Live Video Feed Drone Headset for use with all WonderTech FPV Drones
  • Pilot your drone as though you are sitting in the cockpit, experience live video transmitted directly from the drones on-board FPV HD Video camera
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This drone is truly one of kind. Loaded with a HD FPV Real Time Live Video Feed Camera, this drone makes taking HD pictures and HD videos while in flight a snap. It works with GoPro’s Hero® camera and comes with a bracket so you can take your GoPro to the skies. Take fun to new heights! With built-in Headless Mode, this drone is easy for beginners to learn to fly right out of the box. Headless Mode will keep the drone flying forward/backward and side to side regardless of which direction the drone is facing, this make flying intuitive and easy to master. For expert pilots, this drone will surely impress!

Switch to advanced mode for high-speed aeronautic excitement. LED lights make flying in the dark with just a flip of a switch. Fly from dusk to dawn and all day long. Ready for tricks? One key flips and rolls will impress your spectators on the fly. The 6-Axis Liquid crystal gyro keeps this drone stable and on course in a variety of flying conditions. With a built-in HD Video Camera, this drone allows you to easily take pictures and video during flight. Easily download and share to your favorite social media site and impress friends and family. Say goodbye to flyaways, with the newly upgraded return to home key—one press of a button will bring your drone safely back to home.

This is truly a high performance machine sure to provide hours of excitement and fun and is perfect for a wide range of ages and experience levels. Experience the HD FPV Real Time Live Video Feed Drone Headset for use with all WonderTech FPV Drones, W400R, W301R, W304R. Cooling vents prevent overheating and allow you to keep your cool during flight. Quickly connect while in flight and view the live video feed via the drone's own Wi-Fi network on your Android or IOS compatible phone. Insert your Smartphone into the headset to view the live video feed (smartphone not included).

Download our free Android or IOS app to get connected instantly. There are built-in pupil distance and focal distance adjustments so you can fine tune for a perfect fit. You can also adjust for nearsighted or farsighted vision. With the built-in adjustment, this headset can be worn with or without glasses for in-focus viewing. Built-in comfort-fit padding cushions the headset against your face for added comfort during extended flight. This product uses high-strength components, and is equipped with a full-range multi-dimensional uniform comfort fit design!

Adjustable head strap keeps the headset securely in place. With the built-in universal audio jack portal, you can connect your headphones to listen to music on your mobile device while in flight. The high-tech futuristic design is sure to impress, and with comfort fit head strap, you can enjoy uninterrupted flying for hours. Feel what it's like to experience unparalleled acceleration, learn to fly intuitively, test your skills and build proficiency and crank up the speed to push drone flying to the limits!

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