Looking for tips onhow to lose weight?

Stick with these guidelines to help
support your weight loss success.

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Choose your oils wisely.

Olive, canola and avocado oil help maintain
a healthy heart while you lose weight.
In fact, results from a study showed that
those on a Mediterranean diet containing these oils
lost 9-22 lbs.

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Raise your spoons.

Turns out, beginning a meal with a
low-calorie, broth-based veggie soup
can help cut calorie consumption by
20%. So stock up on fresh veggies.

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Get your fill of protein.

3 oz. = 1 portion size
In addition to curbing hunger, protein
helps you keep muscle while you lose
fat. On the go? Try a delicious shake.

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Aim for 7 hours of sleep.

Anything less can affect insulinfunction and stimulate hunger hormones,the culprits behind late-night snacking.

Follow the 70/30 rule
Follow the70/30 rule

In a study of participants, those who consumed most of their calories during breakfast and lunch trimmed an extra 33% off their waistline, compared to those who ate most of their calories during and after dinner.

Fiber up

Foods like oatmeal, nuts, beans, apples and blueberries have soluble fiber, which lowers insulin levels in your blood and prevents your body from storing fat. You can also supplement your way to a slimmer you if you're not getting enough fiber in your diet.

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