Water Dispensers

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Filtered Water Coolers

What’s the big deal about the water cooler? There’s the obvious point that it’s important that employees be properly hydrated, but it’s more than that. The water cooler really stands as an oasis of refuge in a sometimes stressful work environment. It represents a place you can go to step away from your desk, stretch your legs, perhaps even check in with fellow employees, while getting some refreshment. The result is often a happier and more productive work environment. It’s also nice to provide a liquid alternative to coffee, which has its place, to be sure, but is no substitute for fresh, clean bottled water.

If you’ve held off on a water dispenser arrangement because of concerns about price, let Sam’s Club take care of everything. We’ve got high tech water dispensers which provide water fast and in a variety of temperatures, we’ve got the storage units you need to easily store and access extra water bottles, and we can even provide the water itself. If you already have a water arrangement with a particular company, you may want to take a second look and see how much you can save if you switch to getting your water and water dispensing products from Sam’s Club. If you’ve got thirsty employees, the savings could really add up over time.

So make sure your employees always have somewhere to go to get clean, cool, refreshing water to drink during the work day. Order affordable water dispensers and accessories from Sam’s Club today.

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