Verbatim™ CD/DVD Color Slim Cases (100 pack) are a great value. Plastic CD cases that come in five jewel tones allow you to color-code and organize your CD/DVD library for better storage. The perfect tool for anyone using CDs from professional photographers and videographers to home do-it-yourselfers, these are likely the best CD cases in bulk.

Why Use Verbatim Products Over Non-Branded Products?

Verbatim has been at the forefront of data storage since 1969. Their attention to detail in creating CD and DVD cases, CD carrying cases and CD covers has put them on top. The color options allow for easy organization. Their slimness optimizes portability. Opaque front allow quick identification of content and quick labeling. These assets make Verbatim CD/DVD Color Slim Cases easily the best CD cases on the market.

What Are the Best Uses For Verbatim CD/DVD Cases?

CD and DVD cases are a necessity today. Having a hard copy of your content for any project, workplace, presentation or at-home need is critical to ensuring your files are available anywhere, anytime. Prevent your materials from being broken or scratched by choosing a plastic CD case. Update your CD and DVD collections using these empty CD cases as replacement cases for old discs. A portable CD case that fits in any bag, you can take as many lightweight CDs or DVDs with you for any adventure. These Color Slim Cases meet every need for every disc in a compact, easy-to-use package.

Upgrade Your Data Storage Today

Almost everyone, from school kids to professional adults, uses CDs/DVDs for projects. Protecting that information is vital. Verbatim CD case covers provide that protection. Get organized with five color options for CD/DVD storage. Update your collection of mismatched discs and cases. Label cases clearly and know what content you have right away. With Verbatim CD/DVD Color Slim Cases, your content is at its best.

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