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Easy Bake Ultimate Oven

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The Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven comes with the tools and mixes you need to bake fantastic treats! Set includes the oven, baking pan, pan tool and chocolate chip cookies mix. Look for more great mixes available for use with this oven (each sold separately). For virtual baking fun, download the free Easy-Bake Treats mobile app.

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The all-time favorite toy oven from Easy-Bake has a stylish look and modern features perfect for today's creative bakers. It's the Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven! This oven comes with the tools young bakers need to make their own delicious treats. Make bite-size, yummy chocolate chip cookies with the included mix, and so much more with a sweet and savory variety of kits and refill packs for the Easy Bake Ultimate Oven (each sold separately).

The Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven features a cool, curvy look, and now bakes without a light bulb. This is real baking, and it's so much fun! Follow the recipe to mix and bake your own tasty chocolate chip cookies. Have fun baking with friends, or treat your friends and family to the baked goodies you make! Look for Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven refill mixes to make even more delicious treats (each sold separately). Ready for another helping of Easy-Bake fun? Download the free Easy-Bake Treats mobile app and share your virtual creations with family and friends.

Baking is fun and easy with the Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven! First, plug in the oven and turn it on to let it preheat. Next, follow the recipe to mix the cookie dough for chocolate chip cookies. Then it's time to bake! Use the pan tool to slide the pan into the oven. After baking and letting your treats cool, you can serve your sweet treats to your family and friends! Ready to bake more? Look for Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven kits and refill packs with even more delicious recipes and fun baking tools (each sold separately).

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