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Terra Star 60mm Refracting Telescope with Carry Bag

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The Meade NG-60 60mm refracting telescope is an excellent first telescope for the beginning astronomer or the casual observer of land or sky.
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The Meade NG-60 60mm comes with two eyepieces, a fine achromatic objective lens, a fully adjustable aluminum tripod, and the modern, highly functional Meade NG-series altazimuth mounting. The NG-60 easily surpasses commonly available, lower-quality introductory telescopes. The altazimuth refractor also provides an excellent land-view instrument for the birdwatcher, the naturalist, or the homeowner with a view. In conjunction with the single-arm mount are precision manual slow-motion controls on each axis, to permit smooth telescope motion.

All of the major planets are easily observable through the NG-60. Study Saturn and its ring system; the primary cloud belts of Jupiter as well as its four major satellites; the Moonlike phases of Mercury and Venus; prominent features on Mars; and the starlike images of the distant Uranus and Neptune. The Moon stands out in stark, almost three-dimensional detail: craters, mountain ranges, and fault lines. You'll be able to see hundreds of nebulae, star clusters, double and multiple stars, and variable stars in our galaxy, plus dozens of other galaxies as well.

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