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  • Correction tape to fix mistakes fast
  • Applies dry, write over instantly
  • Tear-resistant and strong film-based tape
  • Fast, clean and easy to use
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Fix your mistakes fast with BIC® Wite-Out EZ Correct Correction Tape, Non-Refillable, 1/6" x 400", 4pk.

Can You Write over Wite-Out?

BIC Wite-Out EZ Correct Correction Tape, Non-Refillable is made for you to fix mistakes and easily write over them. The correction tape is tear-resistant and film-based for you to use with ease and at your convenience. The translucent body of the white out tape provides you with a visible tape supply. Whether you're taking notes in class, in meetings or simply writing for your own leisure, BIC Wite-Out EZ Correct Correction Tape, Non-Refillable offers you an easy solution to those scribbles and scrabbles that you need to fix.

What Is Correction Tape?

BIC Wite-Out EZ Correct Correction Tape, Non-Refillable is an alternative to correction fluid to easily fix your mistakes without having to wait for any liquids and fluids to dry. Correction tape isn't just used to correct handwriting, it was initially invented for typewriters to correct mistakes during typing. Back in the day, people didn't have the convenience of simply pressing the "backspace" key to fix an error. Instead, they required correction tape or a type of liquid white-out to cover up their error and retype the mistake. To use the tape, you apply pressure to the top of the dispenser and press down on the paper. Slowly glide the dispenser along the mistake to dispense the correction tape over it. Once the mistake is properly covered, you're free to write or type over it to fix the error.

The Invention of Liquid Paper

Commonly known as white-out, liquid paper was first invented in 1956 by Bette Nesmith Graham. She invented the correction fluid from the comfort of her own home and kitchen. Graham worked as a typist and was always looking for a convenient solution to correct typing errors. She began to supply her co-workers with her invention to make their lives easier as typists and started her own company by 1958 to sell her product.

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