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  • 36 1.8-ounce rolls of Sweetarts candy
  • One-of-a-kind sweet and tart flavor sensation
  • Perfect for sharing with friends and family
  • Delicious bite-sized candies
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SweeTarts Original Candy (1.8 oz., 36 ct.) is a timeless classic from the weird, wacky and wild mind of Willy Wonka. How else to describe these candies other than sweet tarts? They are sweet, and they are tart. It probably didn't take them very long to think of the name for this one. Or Willy had the name in mind all along when he began to formulate this strangely saliva-inducing taste. These are the original: SweeTarts Original Candy. Immediately recognizable as soon as you see it on the shelf, just the sight of the label will remind how puckered your face becomes when eating a roll of Sweet Tarts sour candy.

How Many Candy Sweet Tarts Come In This Pack?

There are 18 rolls of SweeTarts Original Candy in this pack. Each roll is about 1.8 ounces and a lot of little discs packed with all the sweet and tart flavor that you love.

Why Would You Need That Many Rolls?

First off, you may want to share with your friends and one roll isn't enough to share. But this pack is also perfect for those with concession stands, cafeterias, break rooms or employee lounges—any setting in which large numbers of people will be served or will be sharing snacks. This also makes a nice one-stop gift for 35 of your closest friends (one is for you, of course).

What Do SweeTarts Taste Like?

In one word: tangy. In many words: they taste like combining a rainbow with the bubbles from an iridescent puddle of tangy liquid candy, then mixed with bursting pink and blue rocks and flipped upside down. Next bite, it gets a little less tangy but the sensation is the same, of explosion of flavor and dissolving happiness on your tongue. This is a non-halleucinogenic candy.

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