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  • Stem length: 70cm (could vary depending on type of filler)
  • Flower average 7 blooms per stem
  • Soft white blossoms
  • Top Rated

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    Stock White Flower features soft white blossoms that are a unique, spicy fragrance. With top leafy stems, these blooms would make a great filler or by themselves a nice bouquet for Bridal and Baby Showers or a filler for your favorite Rose, Gerbera Daisy or Lilies. Home to the Mediterranean, and referred to as Gillyflower, this pink stock will look exquisite when blended with pink or white lilies, roses and gerberas or simply arranged on their own. A stock Pink Flower average 7 blooms per stem in packs of 10 bunches with 10 stems in each bunch.

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