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    All terms and conditions apply. Club Insider Savings and Instant Savings (collectively "Instant Savings") are subject to availability and valid dates. Select Instant Savings are available online. For Club Pickup® purchases, Instant Savings can be redeemed at point of sale at the Club with the primary membership card. State and local laws may require sales tax to be charged on the pre-discounted price of an item with an Instant Savings offer. Prices shown are pre-tax amounts. To view your Instant Savings account, visit or download the Sam’s Club® app. Member must have a registered email on in order to access the Instant Savings account page online. Visit for program details and terms and conditions. Instant Savings may take up to 24 hours to load to a membership account. Items and prices may vary in Club. Instant Savings offers shown are valid in U.S. clubs with a U.S. membership, excluding Puerto Rico. For more information, see Terms & Conditions 
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