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  • Liven up any event with Utz Party Mix
  • The taste of pub snacks with the protection of a single serve pouch
  • A cheezy and crunchy flavor that everyone will love
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Enjoy Utz® Party Mix 1 oz. (60 ct.) anywhere with these convenient single serving pouches. The delicious crunchy cheese curls, pretzel wheels and other crunchy and salty bites that you know and love from Utz are all mixed and packed in a pocket-sized pouch. If you are hoping to lure in coworkers to your office without offering the typical candy jar choices, the Utz Party Mix pouches are a great variation on complimentary treats. The cheezy and bready Utz pub mix is a perfect hunger fighter in between meals and a great complement to your packed lunch.

Can I Distribute the Utz Party Mix in a Community Jar Without Spreading Germs?

Yes. The Utz snack mix might taste like pub mix, but it is not free for all fingers to touch. Every single serving of Utz Party Mix is in its own pouch to ensure that everyone can enjoy the cheezy snack without worrying about other peoples' germs.

What Type of Event or Setting Is Good for the Utz Party Mix?

Utz party mix makes a great addition for snack spreads at all kinds of events. Whether you have servers carrying around trays of finger food or a table full of diverse treats, the single serve pouches make for an enticing choice.

Can I Incorporate Pub Mix in a Meal?

Yes. The pub snack mix has a lovely crunch and adds a salty and cheesy flavor to dishes when you use it as a topping. Instead of croutons, you could opt for a salad topped with Utz Party Mix. The great thing about the single serving pouch is that you can compile all the moist ingredients of your salad before heading to the office but leave the mix in the pouch so it stays crisp and fresh until you are ready to enjoy your lunch.

Can Children Eat the Utz Pub Mix?

Yes. Even though this snack mix is characteristic of the bowls of snacks you might find at a pub, they are not strictly for adults. Children also enjoy the cheezy and salty taste of the Utz snack mix.

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