Mattress Buying Guide

Buying Guide

Waking up achy or has it been 8-10 years?
Time for a new mattress! Tuck in with these tips.

Choose your comfort level.

Mattress density determines comfort, or how hard or soft the bedding feels. Less density = softer. Add a mattress topper to customize the feel.


This style offers the most joint and back pain relief and reduces motion transfer.


Medium-comfort mattresses conform to your body while still offering some support.


Cloud-like with lots of bounce, soft/plush mattresses offer the most cushion.

Know your sleep style.

How you naturally like to snooze can affect your mattress choice.

If you...

  • Sleep on your side
  • Sleep on your back
  • Sleep on your stomach
  • Change Positions

Choose a medium or soft mattress
that conforms to your shape,
like Innerspring or Hybrids.

Sleep on your side

Try a firmer mattress with more support,
such as Memory Foam or Latex.

Sleep on your back

Lean more toward firm than plush,
like Memory Foam or Hybrid.

Sleep on your stomach

Pick an option that reduces motion
transfer, like Memory Foam, Air or Latex.

Change Positions

Select the right base for you.

Now, choose a mattress base that helps you sleep a little tighter.

Good sleep, guaranteed

Five tips for a good
night's sleep.

Mattress Buying Guide FAQ

Find tips on how to buy a mattress.

What is the best mattress for me?

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best mattress.

Your sleep position

For side sleepers, your best bet is a medium or soft mattress that conforms to your shape, like an Innerspring or Hybrid. If you sleep on your back, we recommend a firmer mattress with more support, such as Memory Foam or Latex. For stomach sleepers, consider a plush mattress like Memory Foam or Hybrid. And if you tend to move around and change positions during the night, pick an option that reduces motion transfer, like Memory Foam, Air or Latex.

Your room size

Before you decide on which mattress size is best, be sure to take measurements of the bedroom. Bigger isn't always better for mattresses, especially if you're short on space or you'd like to make sure you have room for other furniture such as a dresser and nightstands. In addition to the size of your mattress, consider some additional space for a bed frame.

Your special needs

Think about the factors that affect your comfort when you sleep. For example, if you tend to get too warm, consider a gel-infused mattress or mattress topper. If you would like added warmth, Memory Foam is a good option for you. And, if you or partner tend to move around a lot, Memory Foam is great for that, too. It helps minimize movement so you'll both sleep more soundly.

Why do I need a bed frame?

Unless you are choosing an adjustable foundation, you'll want to choose a bed frame to support your mattress. There are several reasons to invest in a quality bed frame.


If you have your mattress on the floor, it may be difficult to comfortably get in and out of bed. When your bed is lifted off the ground by a bed frame, you'll have the option of not only lying down on the bed, but sitting comfortably with your feet on the ground.


Because the bed is the largest item in a typical bedroom, it also becomes the focal point. Consider pulling the room's décor together with a stylish bed frame. You can choose one made of wood, metal, or even a fabric-covered material.


When you have space under your bed, you'll be able to take advantage of the space in your bedroom in the most efficient way. You could store off-season clothing, seasonal sporting equipment, or you could use your under-bed storage as a convenient place for extra sheets and blankets. Shop for under-the-bed storage containers.


By lifting your bed off the floor with a bed frame, your mattress and bedding will stay cleaner. This is especially important if you suffer from allergies and/or you need to avoid dust.

Why should I buy a mattress from Sam's Club?

Sam's Club offers an incredible selection of mattresses, which means you can find a mattress that suits your specific preferences in terms of firmness, materials and special features such as adjustable frames. Our prices can't be beat, and many of our mattresses comes with free delivery and haul-away of your old mattress. If you're not 100% satisfied with your mattress purchase, Sam's Club will replace the item or provide a refund under our Sam's Club Satisfaction Guarantee.

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