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Four things to know before you grow!


Harvest big benefits.


See how greenhouses can take your garden to the next level.

Longer Seasons

Longer Seasons

Get a head start by planting early in spring, and help plants survive fall frost. Many greenhouses can even support year-round plant growth!

Easy Controls

Easy Controls

Vents, windows, heaters and misting systems provide a vast range of temperature control.

Plant Protection

Plant Protection

Growing in a greenhouse minimizes your plants' exposure to the outdoor elements and pests.


Select your structure.


There's a type of greenhouse for every garden. Dig in!

  • Hobby Greenhouse

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    Perfect for the backyard grower, a hobby greenhouse
    extends the growing season and creates an
    environment where plants can thrive year-round.

  • Commercial Greenhouse

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    Catering to farmers, these large greenhouses provide
    ample growing space and extend the growing season.

  • Lean-to Greenhouse

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    Love to grow but want to save on space?
    These greenhouses are constructed against an
    existing wall, providing excellent heat retention.

  • Mini Greenhouse

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    Grow seedlings and small plants in
    this perfect option for a small space.

Palram Americana 12' x 12' Hobby Greenhouse
Poly-Tex FieldPro® Gothic High Tunnel Greenhouse (30' x 48')
Sun Lounge 2 - 6' x 8'
Palram Cold Frame Double - Miniature Greenhouse

Get the perfect light.


You control how much sunlight reaches your plants with various panel finishes.

Clear Panels


Delivers the ideal amount of direct light for germinating seeds and growing starters.

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Diffused Panels


Evenly distributes light from every angle,
perfect for growing crops full-term.

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A combination of clear and diffused panels
creates the ideal all-around growing environment.

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