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The right office starts with the right technology

Which computers are best to buy? Browse our guide to
select the right computers and accessories for your business.


Where does your team work most?

Depending on how mobile your team is, desktops, laptops or tablets may be the way to go.

At the office

Desktops may be best suited for you.

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On the go

Tablets may be your best solution.
We recommend pairing one desktop
or laptop to every few tablets.

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A mix of both

Laptops may fit both your on-premises
and remote needs.

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Select your processor

For most businesses, a dual or quad core processor
is more than enough. For more intensive software,
talk to your vendor for a recommendation.

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Memory vs. storage: Know the difference

Before you buy, make sure you know the memory and storage
you'll need, and the difference between the two.

Memory (RAM)

The more memory, the faster your computer.
If you'll be operating many programs at once,
more RAM would be a good idea.

Storage (hard drive)

If you store large amounts of data and files,
make sure you select a hard drive
that can accommodate.


The importance of software

Software often dictates your overall process.
Make sure you match the software to the
way your business works.

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Don't forget to accessorize

Want to complete the office? We've got you covered with the extras.

Ink and toner

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Printers and scanners

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Keyboards and mice

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