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Give your mouth a chilling blast of Orbit® Wintermint Sugar-Free Gum (14 ct., 15 pks.).

Why Does Sugar-Free Chewing Gum Last Longer?

The flavor in Orbit Wintermint Sugar-Free Gum lasts longer because it uses the natural sweetener xylitol, as compared to regular sugar. In addition to its oral health benefits, xylitol allows the Orbit Wintermint gum's flavor to last longer because the sugar substitute does not dissolve as quickly in your saliva as sugar does. Also, sugar substitutes like xylitol and sorbitol, both of which are used in this sugar-free chewing gum, provide your mouth with a cooling sensation. This cooling sensation works to further enhance the delicious, Wintermint flavor of the gum.

How Is Xylitol Good for Your Teeth?

Orbit Wintermint Sugar-Free Gum provides your teeth and mouth with a number of health benefits, while the sugar-substitute, xylitol, works to enhance those benefits. Xylitol works to prevent sticky plaque bacteria from sticking to your teeth and studies have shown that xylitol in sugar-free chewing gum helps reduce tooth decay and even helps reverse tooth decay by replenishing lost minerals in your tooth's enamel. Xylitol is naturally found in many different types of fruits, vegetables and even mushrooms, so it is not an artificial sweetener.

Xylitol Sourcing Practices

The xylitol found in your sugar-free chewing gum was likely sourced from birch bark or corn. Xylitol sourced from corn cobs is generally perceived as more environmentally friendly than sourcing it from birch trees as much less waste is produced from harvesting corn than from chopping down trees. Sourcing xylitol from birch bark implies that a birch tree must be chopped down to extract the natural sweetener from the bark. It takes 15 years for a birch tree to be able to be harvested, so this process is not time-efficient nor is it waste-efficient. Sourced from corn, the xylitol in your Orbit Wintermint gum would provide you with a natural sweetener made from a less wasteful practice because corn is a much more renewable source than birch trees.

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