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  • Chocolate variety pack
  • Individually wrapped
  • Display box
  • 4 flavors
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If you have a sweet tooth for some chocolate, then the Nestle™ Chocolate Variety Pack (30 ct.) is exactly what you've been looking for. It's also the perfect way to make sure you satisfy everyone's craving with peanut butter, chewy caramel, nougats and milk chocolate.

How Many of Each Flavor Are Included?

The Nestle Chocolate Variety Pack offers four flavors for candy bar goodness. First, there are eight Butterfinger Bars that are the classic Butterfinger. Next, are eight Butterfinger Cups that are a spin-off of the classic Butterfinger but just in the shape of a cup. There are eight of the classic Nestle Crunch bars that are pure milk chocolate with the crisped rice. The box also includes six Baby Ruth bars.

Can These Be Sold?

All the candy bars in the Nestle Chocolate Variety Pack come individually wrapped and labeled. This makes them convenient to sell at a concession stand, food service station, convenience store or vending machine. Even better is that the box they are included in can be opened and used as a simple display box so you never even have to take them out or stock a spot, just open another box.

What Is in These Bars?

Butterfinger bars have the crispy peanut butter center with chocolate goodness. Butterfinger cups have peanut butter, milk chocolate and Butterfinger bits. Nestle Crunch bars are full of creamy milk chocolate and airy crisps. Baby Ruth bars have peanuts, caramel and a chewy nougat. Each bar has more ingredients and nutrition facts than listed here that can be found on the box or individual bar wrapper.

Can These Be Frozen?

Choose how you like to eat your favorites from the Nestle Chocolate Variety Pack by tossing a few in the fridge or freezer to see what tastes better. You won't be disappointed either way when you're eating chocolate. Also, make sure you don't store the box or the individual candy bars in a warm or hot place unless you like a chocolate gooey mess that will be hard to get out of the wrapper and difficult to clean up.

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