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  • Micronized BCAAs, clinically dosed betaine and powerful cell volumizers enhanced with naturally sourced, energy-boosting caffeine
  • Coconut water and watermelon juice helps replenish key electrolytes
  • Enhances energy, focus and endurance with 50mg of energy-enhancing caffeine
  • Delivers a 1g clinical dose of taurine, which has been shown to improve performance in endurance athletes
  • Builds more muscle than regular BCAA formulas with the exact dose of betaine in 2 scoops
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This powerful pre- and intra-workout complex contains a massive 8g dose of 100% free-form BCAAs (per two scoops) in the ideal 2:1:1 ratio to help fuel skeletal muscles, preserve muscle glycogen stores and reduce protein breakdown.

Each two-scoop serving of Amino Build Next Gen Energized also features a clinically studied 2.5g dose of betaine added to the formula that helped subjects significantly enhance their muscular endurance. This 2.5g dose also helped test subjects pack on 3.75 lbs. of lean muscle!

Amino Build Next Gen Energized is a truly complete formula featuring precise doses of coconut water and watermelon juice as well as electrolytes to help replenish electrolytes that are lost during hard training.

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