Mrs. Freshley's® Cupcakes are loaded with rich flavor for a sweet and satisfying dessert or snack. They're made with chocolate and lots of creme filling. They're individually packaged, so you can pack them in a lunch or grab one to enjoy on the go. They're also ideal for stocking convenience stores and vending machines.


Chocolate on chocolate, this is a chocolate cake topped with chocolate icing. It can definitely become a favorite for the chocolate lovers in your home. Oozing with luscious vanilla cream, it's a yummy treat for just about anyone at pretty much any time of the day.

How Many Packs of Cupcakes are There?

This Mrs. Freshley's Chocolate Cupcakes box includes 12 packs of cupcakes with two cakes in each pack. Keep it in the pantry to fill your kid's lunchbox or enjoy them for late night snacking. This large pack can be used for inventory and sale at sporting event concessions or school fundraisers.

No Trans Fat

Mrs. Freshley's Chocolate Cupcakes have zero grams of trans-fat, which means you can feel good about adding them to your roster of healthy snacks. Enjoy these delicious chocolate cupcakes knowing you're avoiding trans fat.


Serve these creme-filled chocolate cupcakes to guests at birthday parties or family reunions. For Halloween, decorate them with pretzel arms or licorice candy for ears. Place a stick through the bottom of the cakes for a festive, delicious and easy to eat Christmas party cake pop.

Who Is Mrs. Freshley?

Mrs. Freshley is a brand and product of Flower Foods, manufacturers of a variety of baked snacks, including muffins, danishes, sweet rolls and other pastries. Flower Foods has received numerous culinary awards and has been in business since the early 1990s.

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