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Monster Espresso and Cream (8.4 oz., 12 pk.)

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• A delicious energy drink to help you stay ahead and perform better • Blend of espresso and milk with Monster’s energy-boosting formula • Powerful, edgy and definitely not your mom’s morning coffee • 12-pack of convenient 8.4-ounce cans
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Crack open a can of Espresso Monster, the meanest morning coffee on the planet. Great taste, no compromise. That’s what Monster Energy is all about. Our Espresso Monster blend has the ideal combo of real espresso and milk plus our energy-boosting ingredients to deliver just the right kick. Get the big bad Monster buzz you know and love, but with a delicious Macchiato blend that puts regular coffee to shame. Close your eyes, take a sip, and imagine strolling down the Spanish Steps in Rome… Che Figata! Can the Coffee Shop— Grab a Monster for a Morning Energy Boost Monster’s Espresso & Cream blend has 3 (yeah, three!) shots of real Italian espresso, blended with European milk, and, of course, our new Monster Espresso Energy Blend. It’s our all-new alternative to your morning coffee with a cultured twist, but the same monstrous energy boost as your other favorite Monster Energy drinks. It’s not just a coffee flavored energy drink. It’s an energy boost that will last. We say ditch the wimpy mochas and fraps and reach for a coffee drink that performs better and tastes great. Leave it to Monster Energy to create a morning coffee alternative with 3 shots of real espresso for thrill-seekers with a taste for the finer things. Stock Up. Save Money. Strap In. Our energy drinks should be refrigerated for best results. Be sure to put a few in the fridge so they’re cold and refreshing when you’re ready for a boost. If you hear strange noises, don’t worry—your fridge isn’t on the fritz. It’s the beast waiting to be unleashed from a cold can of Monster Energy. That’s how you know it’s time to crack open a can so you can perform better with a lasting energy boost. Twelve 8.5-ounce Espresso Monster Energy cans might seem like a lot considering the boost you get from just one can. But with a two-year shelf life, we recommend buying a few dozen cases and stacking them to create a fortress of energy. With a 12-pack of Monster energy drinks, you’ve got one for every day of the week (two for Monday!) and a few extra to share. Thanks to a little thing we like to call volume discounting, it’s cheaper than getting individual cans every day at the store. That’s one less stop on your way to work, to the slopes, to the beach, to the starting line of the local track. It’s one more way Monster Energy helps you perform better. Skip the lines and get the drink you can take anywhere. Monster Energy is also available in a variety of power-packed flavors like Rehab Lemonade and Tea, and the new, crisp Monster Energy Ultra. Get your bulk 12-packs and 24-packs at a Sam’s Club near you, or online at • A coffee flavor energy drink to help you stay ahead and perform better • Delicious morning coffee alternative with Monster’s energy boosting formula • 3 shots of real Italian espresso blended with European milk • 160 mg of caffeine per can, plus B Vitamins • Save time and skip the coffee shop • 12-pack of 8.5-ounce Espresso Monster Energy cans • Buy in bulk and save money

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