Member's Mark Organic Whole Milk lets you enjoy a refreshing glass of a classic drink. This large box makes sharing with family and friends much easier.

What’s in This Pack of Member's Mark Organic Whole Milk?

This pack of Member's Mark Organic Whole Milk features three half-gallon cartons of delicious milk. This whole milk is grade A and ultra-pasteurized, meaning it has fewer bacteria than alternatives. It also has certification from Validus, which is an independent certification company that ensures that people are producing food responsibly.

Does Member's Mark Organic Whole Milk Offer Nutritional Benefits?

Each serving of our organic whole milk contains 50mg of DHA and EPA omega-3, which can offer a variety of health benefits. It also includes vitamin D, which is an essential vitamin that your body needs. We ensure that our milk is produces without artificial hormones or exposed to synthetic pesticides.

What are Some Recipes Using Member's Mark Organic Whole Milk?

Although this organic whole milk is enjoyable on its own, you can use it in unique ways, too. Use this milk to enhance your protein shakes, milkshakes, ice cream and more. If you’re fond of baking, try using this whole milk to add a creamy taste to your cookies and muffins. This organic whole milk can help you create homemade cheese and yogurt as well. Many also enjoy using milk when baking chicken, but you’re welcome to experiment on your own.

Storage is Simple

This whole milk comes in a large cardboard box. This cardboard exterior provides protection and security, keeping the cartons in good shape. Since it comes in a durable box, you can safely stack and store it in pantries, storeroom and refrigerators.

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