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  • Chewy Mentos candy
  • Good for home or resale
  • Great alternative to hard breath mints
  • Variety of flavors
  • Enjoy on the go
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How would you like your mints, in flavors besides mint? Mints are a staple item after a delicious meal, or simply if you want some fresh breath. Good for meetings, public speaking and of course, dating. You don't want to smell like that coffee you had earlier, so why not pop a breath mint? With the Mentos® Fruit Variety (1.32 oz., 15 ct.), you won't have to worry about bad breath ever again. These Mentos chewy mints come in multiple flavors, so making your breath smell fresh doesn't have to feel repetitive.

Does Mentos Fruit Variety Really Keep my Breath Fresh?

Does coffee really wake you up? If you think about, either response is valid. Some coffee is weak, and there might have been times where you've refused to drink the office version because it simply puts you to sleep. The same could be considered when comparing breath mints. Some are really hard candies that lose their taste immediately after entering your mouth. Some breath mints work for a few minutes, then you're back to having the aftertaste of your last cup. Not with Mento chewy mints. Mentos Now Mints mean you receive immediate fresh breath, without having to worry.

Do Mentos Fruit Variety Mints Dissolve Quickly?

Mentos candy is like eating your favorite steak. You want to savor each bite, and you never want it to end. Maybe comparing breath mints to dinner staples is a huge stretch, but the idea is the same. Each Mentos mint lasts, and you don't have to worry about going through the package like a bag of chips. Mentos candy was made for fresh breath and longevity, and with this variety pack, you have several flavors to choose from. On top of that, they're chewy, delivering extra fun.

Which Flavors Are Included?

Although a package of Mentos orange mints is satisfying alone, now you get to have all of the Mentos flavors. This variety pack includes 15 packs altogether, with nine fruit flavors, three strawberry and three green apple. You won't be running out any time soon, and your breath will smell great.

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