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Math Made Easy has helped over 1 million students worldwide significantly improve their math skills.
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Students, are you struggling with Advanced Calculus? Then the Advanced Calculus CD courseware by Math Made Easy can help you get an A in this difficult class!

Advanced Calculus covers material generally taught in AP and college math classes. It is one of the most difficult math courses and that is why this tutorial is indispensable for any student who is having trouble understanding and mastering it. In just 2-10 weeks, you can become proficient in Advanced Calculus. Especially in the days leading up to a math exam, the easy-to-use Advanced Calculus CD series will help you succeed as it helps keep the complex math material fresh in your mind.

If you have been having a hard time with Advanced Calculus, then the dynamic and simple to follow live lessons along with the many interactive do-it-yourself exercises in this software will help make math easy for you!

Special Bonus:
If you order the Advanced Calculus software from Sam's Club, you will get a free 1 month membership to Tutorial Channel. Once a week for 20 minutes, you will work with a live tutor on any of your math related questions.

The Math Made Easy track record speaks for itself. Our programs have been used successfully in over 10,000 K-12 schools and colleges, including the NYC school system and Bowling Green University. Plus, we have already helped over 1,000,000 students worldwide to significantly improve their math skills.

The Advanced Calculus software makes intricate and complex Advanced Calculus concepts less intimidating and easy to learn. The program consists of several hours of comprehensive step-by-step reviews that offer clear and concise instruction using real life examples. The software's many interactive do-it-yourself exercises help students build self-confidence and math proficiency.

Fully versatile, Advanced Calculus can be viewed on any computer and it empowers students to control the pace that best fits with his or her learning style. What's more, students can return to any point in the program and review the material over and over as often as needed.

Topics covered in the Advanced Calculus by Math Made Easy software include: Partial Fractions, Improper Integrals, Area in Polar Coordinates, Sequences and Convergence, Summation Notation, Infinite Series, Comparison Test, Integral Test, Absolute Convergence and Alternating Series, Ratio and Root Test, Power Series, Taylor Series, Vectors, Dot Product and Length, Vector Component Computations and Vector Cross Product.

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