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SummerHawk Ranch Mason Jar Beehive Kit

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Great for beginners, you can enjoy the benefits of harvesting your own honey. It's ideal for any location, from rural to suburban backyards–even rooftops. 

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  • Quick-Check™ viewing window
  • Watch your hive without disturbing the bees
  • Queen excluder and eight high-visibility Quick-Check™ frames
  • Pre-installed, pre-waxed plastic honeycomb foundation
  • Bonus accessories include: Liquid Smoke, Beekeeping Gloves, and Hat & Veil
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Join the movement to save our Honeybees. Built from sustainably-sourced Hemlock wood, this innovative Mason Jar Beehive™ allows bees to store honey directly into mason jars. It dramatically reduces the amount of work for the beekeeper while reducing the stress on the colony. The back of the hive features a unique Quick-Check™ viewing window, so you can see the progress and well-being of your hive without disturbing the bees. This hive also comes with a queen excluder and eight high-visibility Quick-Check™ frames, complete with a pre-installed, pre-waxed plastic honeycomb foundation.

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