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This automated, touchless roll towel dispenser keeps hands dry while keeping germs at bay. It also reduces waste and to help your bottom line and the environment.

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  • CAN ELIMINATE WASTE when Roll Transfer Feature is used
  • ROLL TRANSFER FEATURE moves a fresh roll in place once a roll is completely finished
  • HYGIENIC SOLUTION as touchless dispensing reduces cross-contamination DURABLE dispenser that is backed by a 3-year warranty
  • COMPATIBLE with Marathon® Hardwound Roll Paper Towel 980098107
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The Marathon® Automated Paper Towel Dispenser makes a perfect addition to any restroom. It's easy to install, maintain and reduces the spread of germs with its hand free accessibility.

Perfect For Businesses

Marathon® Automated Paper Towel Dispenser is perfect for any business or steady traffic area. Use this dispenser in offices, restaurants, healthcare, industrial and educational facilities. The automatic paper towel dispenser provides convenience and relief for any business.

How Much Paper Towel Does It Dispense?

When using Marathon Dispenser Roll Towels, the Marathon® Automated Paper Towel Dispenser dispenses up to 700 feet of paper towels. Every pull delivers 11"" of soft, absorbent paper towel. The paper towel dispenser features a transparent side cover to monitor refills more easily.

Save Time and Money

The Marathon® Automated Paper Towel Dispenser is designed with durability and reliability. Meaning you'll spend less time doing maintenance and changing rolls and more time focusing on expanding your business. Marathon also offers a variety of dispenser and refill options at a reasonable price. Also, the one-at-a-time dispensing of the Marathon towel dispenser minimizes waste and maximizes the usability of your paper towel rolls: ultimately saving money for you and for your business. Marathon helps your business save money on everything disposable paper product related.

Easy To Use

Avoid any frustrations with this paper towel dispenser. With one simple wave of the hand, a towel will dispense.

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