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Rose Lily, White (30 or 50 stems)

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  • Shipped fresh from the farm
  • Deliver 5 days in advance to ensure flowers bloom
  • Approx. stem length: 75cm / 29 in.
  • Approx. bloom length: 8cm / 3 in.
  • Imported from Colombia

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Rose Lilies combine the natural beauty of two flowers into one. This new pollen-free Oriental lily has a light pleasant fragrance, and no pollen residue on your clothing after handling.

Additionally, the individual flowers last approximately four days longer than most Oriental lilies, which means more longevity, longer vase life. This beautiful and elegant flower will look great in a mixed bouquet or arrangement. The lovely fragrance and the absence of staining pollen makes Rose Lily perfect to use for romantic mixed bouquets or as elegant mono-bouquets!

Rose Lillies are shipped fresh from the farm and will arrive in tight buds with protective nets.

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