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  • Tri-Band Wi-Fi system creates a high-range mesh network
  • Ultimate VELOP whole home Wi-Fi
  • 3 nodes to place for mesh network with sleek design
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Home Internet requirements are different than they used to be. The need for high-speed Internet that reaches all parts of your home has increased a lot over the last decade or two. That means that you need a wireless mesh system in your home, not just a router. LINKSYS™ VELOP™ AC2200 1PK Wi-Fi System is a Tri-Band Wi-Fi system that allows your family to use the Internet in your home however and wherever they want to.

What Does the LINKSYS VELOP AC2200 1PK Wi-Fi System Do Different Than a Normal Router?

When you just have a regular, single-device router, your one box sends out a signal that can only reach so far. And there are sometimes "blind spots" in your signal where your devices can't make the Wi-Fi network connection. The LINKSYS VELOP Wi-Fi System works through three nodes that work together to form a mesh network that gives you a greater range for your signal. The VELOP Home Wi-Fi isn't just a home Wi-Fi, it's a LINKSYS VELOP Whole Home Wi-Fi System. You can place your nodes in optimum spots in the house so that you get coverage in every corner of the home, even in the signal-swallowing basement.

What Is the Range of One of the Nodes in the LINKSYS VELOP AC2200 1PK Wi-Fi System?

One of the LINKSYS VELOP AC2200 nodes adds a range of about 2,000 sq. ft. Placed properly, you can increase the range you'll get with each node that you set up.

Can I Add More Nodes to My LINKSYS Whole Home Wi-Fi System?

Yes, you can. You can increase the range of your mesh network with more nodes placed at optimal positions throughout your home.

Where Should I Place the Nodes For My LINKSYS VELOP Whole Home Mesh Network?

Placing the nodes doesn't require trying to hide them with the VELOP Whole Home Wi-Fi. The nodes were designed to look sleek and attractive. Plus, there are no unsightly wires to try and hide because all of the nodes are wireless.

Is the LINKSYS VELOP Whole Home Wi-Fi Intelligent Mesh System Easy to Set Up?

Setup of this system is very simple. There is an app-based setup guide that is very easy to follow and will get you up and running very quickly.

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