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Get them while they're here! These premium bottled water now feature limited run art labels. Refreshing your soul and revitalizing your creativity.

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  • LIFEWTR premium purified water with limited-run art labels
  • Purified and pH balanced with added electrolytes
  • Includes 12 1-liter bottles, randomly assorted with three different art labels
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For a single source of both hydration and inspiration, purchase this pack of LIFEWTR® Premium Purified Water (1L bottles, 12 pk.). This premium bottled water featuring limited-run art labels offers safe and quality drinking water in a truly unique and eye-catching package.

What is LIFEWTR?

LIFEWTR is an innovative bottled water company fusing creativity with hydration. LIFEWTR believes that inspiration is as essential to life as water and that creativity and design should serve as a source of this inspiration. In order to capture this principle, LIFEWTR is a canvas for new art, printing unique and one-of-a-kind art projects on each of its bottles. For example, the LIFEWTR Series 3 features three limited-run motifs designed by emerging artists in the fashion design industry, including Adam Dalton Blake, Tiffany Huang and Ghazaleh Khalifeh. In a market with numerous mineral water brands, LIFEWTR stands out for this marriage of inspiration, artwork and hydration.

Tell Me More LIFEWTR Premium Purified Water.

LIFEWTR bottles contain purified, pH-balanced water that is purified through reverse osmosis to highlight the pure, clean taste of quality water. The specific range of pH levels for LIFEWTR is 6.4 to 7.4. LIFEWTR also adds the electrolytes Magnesium Sulfate and Potassium Bicarbonate to its water after purification for a pristine life water flavor. Note that LIFEWTR is not a flavored water brand--instead, it focuses on producing the highest quality of purified, pH-balanced water.

LIFEWTR sets itself apart by combining the appealing mix of clean, pure-tasting water with eye-catching packaging. Purchase this convenient package of bottled water to store at home for an easy, on-the-go hydration tool that you and your family can grab on the way out the door. Also, with the edgy and artsy packaging on LIFEWTR Premium Purified Water bottles, you can entice your children to get more interested in carrying a bottle of water with them to school, sports or the park. LIFEWTR brings you health, wellness and creativity in one portable package.

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