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Home cooking “just like momma used to make it!” That’s what founder of J&S Cafeteria Grady T. Allred, Jr. wanted for his customers, and it is still our motto today! Food was his passion and Grady, Jr. earned funds for college working in the university’s dining hall; it was there, while scrubbing dishes, the J&S founder was inspired by the camaraderie of the residents dining together. He returned home to join the family business and convinced his father to convert their small restaurant into a cafeteria-style dining experience. For Grady, Jr., the restaurant business was in no way simply about feeding hungry people. No, he wanted to serve up a slice of family! Grady, Jr.’s idea was a huge success, leading to the growth of cafeteria-style restaurants. The first J&S Cafeteria opened at the River Ridge Market Place in Asheville, NC on September 4, 1984 and garnered a tremendous response. J&S -named for Jimmy, Janet, Ann, Susan and Scott- became the namesake for his newest vision to provide great food and great service at exceptional prices. As the demand grew, Grady, Jr. recruited his daughter Ann’s husband, son-in-law Fagg Nowlan, to work alongside the patriarch in the family business. The two worked side-by-side from sunup to sundown in order to carefully expand J&S.

Presently, J&S employs some of the most dedicated cooks in the industry who work carefully to ensure they use the freshest ingredients to create our home-style dishes. Helpings are generous, because it was Grady, Jr.’s belief that: “Someone leaving here hungry is a sin.” From down-home Southern cuisine to heart healthy options, there’s something for everyone at the J&S Cafeteria dinner table.

High Point, NC

Hickory, NC

Fletcher, NC

Asheville, NC

Enka, NC

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