Ole™ Xtreme Wellness® Spinach and Herbs Wrap Tortillas, Twin Pack (16 ct.) are a better and more nutritious choice for your health. With no cholesterol, whole wheat flour and acting as a good source of fiber and protein, they are a healthy, hearty alternative to traditional flour tortilla wraps.

What are the Benefits of Whole Grain Tortillas?

The Ole Xtreme Wellness Spinach and Herbs Wrap Tortillas, Twin Pack has a primary ingredient of 100% whole wheat flour. The main nutritional difference between tortilla wraps made with white and whole wheat flour is the amount of nutrients and fiber in them. Dietary fiber has several health benefits, such as preventing constipation, lowering cholesterol and it may also help you lose weight. The refining process involved in turning grains into white flour processes out the fiber-rich bran and nutrient-rich germ, so white flour has much less fiber and nutrients than whole grain flour does and is primarily made from the starchy center of the grain. Selecting foods like these Ole Xtreme Wellness tortilla wraps with whole wheat flour helps you get your daily dietary fiber.

What's in Ole Spinach and Herb Wraps?

The ingredients in the Ole Xtreme Wellness Spinach and Herbs Wrap Tortillas, Twin Pack include whole wheat flour, water, plant-based fiber, wheat protein, spinach, onion and garlic powder, olive oil, flaxseed and salt as well as aluminum-free leavening agents like baking soda and cornstarch, some preservatives and some dough conditioners.

About Ole Xtreme Wellness Tortillas

The Xtreme Wellness tortillas were specifically designed to provide healthier, more nutritious options for Ole customers. Perfect for those with dietary needs and a great diabetic-friendly option, these Ole Xtreme Wellness tortilla wraps are carb-lean and low-calorie. They are made with extra-virgin olive oil and flax seeds for added fiber and you get all the great and healthy benefits without losing any of the delicious flavor you know and love. The Xtreme Wellness line includes many different styles and flavors of tortilla wraps.

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