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Designed to meet the needs of high-volume manufacturing facilities or large schools, this strong, absorbent paper towel is dependable and durable for hand drying, wiping and general cleaning. Fits most mechanical roll towel dispensers.

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  • Acclaim® brand is now Pacific Blue Basic™
  • DEPENDABLE C-fold, all-purpose paper towel
  • AFFORDABLE low per-unit cost makes these paper towels a smart choice
  • VERSATILE for use in high-traffic environments like schools, restaurants, government buildings, and public restrooms
  • STACKABLE for use in an open tray, on the counter, or loaded in a wall-mounted dispenser
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Pacific Blue Basic™ C-Fold Paper Towels, White, 240 Towels, 10 Packs allow you to provide people with the items they need to stay comfortable. This box contains an enormous quantity, making it great for facilities that are servicing many people at once. Schools, restaurants, hospitals and catering halls can benefit from placing these paper towels in their restrooms. Each set of paper towels has a paper wrap, which makes it easy to carry or transport individual sets. However, all of the paper towels arrive in a cardboard box that provides security and protection.

What's so Good about Pacific Blue Basic C-fold Paper Towels?

Pacific Blue makes these white paper towels so that they're thick enough to absorb any mess. Each paper towel is plush, soft yet durable and reliable, which makes them excellent for the many facilities. While they're superb at drying hands, they're also fantastic for cleaning the home. Many use these paper towels to remove the gunk and grime from plates, pots and pans. Similarly, customers use these to wipe away dust from furniture. If your bookshelves, ceiling fans or coffee tables are collecting dust, moistening a paper towel and rubbing them down enables you to make everything spotless. You can also use these to polish jewelry and remove fingerprints from smartphone or television screens.

What Else Can I Do with Pacific Blue Basic C-fold Paper Towels?

Pacific Blue Basic C-Fold Paper Towels are great because they're multifunctional. You can place them on the floor to protect your rug when you're painting your walls. They're also perfect for creating arts and crafts at home with family and friends. For example, if you're trying to show kids how to make paper mache, you can use these instead of alternative paper. White paper towels can also help you teach students to create various items like paper airplanes, sailor's caps and ghost masks. During the winter, kids can make paper snowflakes and design them in any way that they like. Students can create other accessories for birthdays, Thanksgiving or Valentine's Day as well. Lastly, art teachers can have children practice their painting skills on white paper towels. Then, parents or teachers can hang the result along the walls to showcase the pupil's creativity.

Information about the Company

Koch Industries owns these white paper towels come from Koch Industries. Koch Industries also owns many well-known companies across several industries. Additionally, it produces various products and services that can help people improve their lives, including fertilizers, minerals, glass and automotive components. In addition to offering high-quality goods, the company is also driven to make the world a safer and healthier place. It attempts to accomplish this goal by implementing programs that reduce waste, save energy, recycle resources and prevent pollution, which can minimize the company's environmental footprint. Also, Koch Industries aims to create a free and equal society by eliminating obstacles to opportunity and progress so that everyone has a chance to succeed.

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