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GNC Pro Performance Hybrid Creatine Complex - Fruit Punch - 3.25 lbs.

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  • 5,250mg of creatine clinically proven to increase strength & recovery
  • Hybrid nutrient formula to support superior creatine uptake
  • 5,250mg of powerful amino acids to help build muscle
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    GNC Pro Performance® Hybrid Creatine Complex was developed by GNC scientists to help boost muscle strength, improve training and athletic performance, enhance recovery and outperform regular creatine supplements. With this formula, you get superior results during and after your workout. Best of all, it mixes instantly with a spoon and tastes absolutely refreshing.

    Your muscles can only grow when your body retains enough nitrogen. Some of the most effective sources of nitrogen for fueling lean muscle are creatine and amino acids. The specially manufactured Hybrid Creatine Complex formula delivers an anabolic creatine and amino acid spike into your bloodstream when you need it most. This spike provides nitrogen and subsequently creates a nitrogen-rich environment needed for maximizing lean muscle mass. GNC Pro Performance® Hybrid Creatine Complex helps spike insulin and drive creatine into the muscles – specifically where it needs to be to fuel high-intensity athletic performance. This scientifically advanced complex has been clinically shown to dramatically increase bench press, vertical jump and 100 yard dash performance!

    Get GNC Pro Performance® Hybrid Creatine Complex and get the type of superior results you've come to expect from the trusted name in sports nutrition – GNC!
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