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Gatorade Frost Variety Pack (20 oz., 24 pk.)

by Gatorade |
Item # 242377

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About this item

  • Gatorade Frost Flavors contain critical electrolytes to help replace what's lost in sweat
  • Top off your fuel stores with carbohydrate energy, your body's preferred source of fuel
  • Tested in the lab and used by the pros
  • Flavors include: Frost Icy Charge, Frost Glacier Cherry and Frost Arctic Blitz (8 bottles each)
  • 20 oz bottles (Pack of 24)
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Quench thirst and fuel your day with Gatorade® Frost Variety Pack (20 oz, 24 pack). This tasty and athlete-tested sports drink variety pack includes three flavors to keep things interesting and 24 bottles to power strenuous workouts.

What's Included in This Gatorade Variety Pack?

This package contains 24x 20-ounce bottles of refreshing Gatorade Frost varieties: eight Icy Charge Gatorade, eight Arctic Blitz Gatorade and eight Glacier Cherry Gatorade, each made with a blend of natural flavors and electrolytes, including sodium and potassium. Gatorade has pioneered the field of sports nutrition with more than 50 years of scientific research, including through endurance tests by pros and everyday people alike. The combination of its winning taste, the ability to replenish the body and its power to help athletes focus on their performance as opposed to their hydration makes Gatorade a long-standing and much-tested sports drink favorite.

How Does Drinking Gatorade Frost Variety Pack Benefit Me?

This Gatorade 24-pack is infused with vital electrolytes, which our body loses when we sweat. Though a drink like water is natural and hydrating, it lacks the ability to replace lost electrolytes. This is what has given Gatorade the rightfully earned reputation as one of the most popular beverages for athletes on and off the field, its ability to revitalize the body with essential electrolytes. When the body is recharged with hydration and electrolytes, it can reach its potential in fitness and the mind can stay focused, key components to tackling obstacles both large and small.

Who Is This Gatorade Frost Variety Pack Made For?

Anyone who wants to stay hydrated while drinking something tasty and unique. Gatorade Frost can infuse your body with hydration and electrolytes while delighting the palate with its refreshing berry flavors. Bottles from this Gatorade variety pack can also be handed out at parties, shared with co-workers or sports teammates, or used to restock vending machines and convenience stores.

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