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Funyuns Snack Size (0.75 oz,. 50 ct.) 

by Funyuns |
Item # 980102484

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About this item

  • Funyuns onion ring chips
  • Made with onion flavor and the crispy texture of an onion ring
  • Convenient for snacking 
  • Great with lunch or as a quick snack
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Enjoy the delicious zest of onion-flavored chips with Funyuns® Snack Size (0.75 oz., 50 ct.).

Are Funyuns Fried?

Funyuns Snack Size chips are made from cornmeal and baked, not fried. Eating baked Funyuns chips as opposed to eating other, fried types of chips benefits your health and waistline. Baked chips contain up to 14% fewer calories than fried chips, while they also contain up to 50% less fat and 67% less saturated fat than fried chips. With lower calories and a reduced amount of fat, you can eat these onion-flavored rings without worrying as much about your belly or your health. Some people worry about baked chips because they often add extra sodium to counteract the flavor lost during the baking process. However, while most baked chips contain up to 257 mg of sodium (11% of your daily value), Funyuns chips only contain 125 mg of sodium (5% of your daily value). The onion-flavored rings also contain 0 grams of trans fat, which helps you keep your levels of bad cholesterol low and benefits the health of your heart and arteries. Funyuns chips still provide you with delicious flavor, but without sacrificing the product in terms of health value.

Do They Come in Convenient Packaging?

Funyuns Snack Size chips come in convenient, snack-size packaging: making them ideal to carry, store and pack. Whether you want to enjoy them at home, in the office or in your child's lunch for school, these snack-size packages allow you convenient flexibility for enjoying the onion-flavored rings.

How Are They Made?

Funyuns Snack Size chips were first invented in the late 1960s by a Frito-Lay employee named George Bigner. Bigner earned his master's in Food Science and Technology from LSU before going on to work at Frito-Lay and eventually invent these Funyun onion-flavored rings. The chips are shaped into their rings by a special process in the factory and then baked at 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

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